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New Beastie Boys video…epic, classic, legendary are the only ways to describe it. Count the A and B list actors they’ve assembled for this project…awesome

A movie solely made by product placement money.

Spurlock, who also made “Supersize Me” makes a documentary exploring how as a culture, we’re bombarded by ads and everything imaginable is “up for sale”. He even sold the name of the movie to POM Wonderful for a million dollars.

Great line from the trailer: “Where can I go to sleep without a single piece of advertising”….the response: “To sleep”

Seth Godin - marketing genius

Interesting video, Seth talks about being remarkable - “worth making a remark about” meaning advertisers are so busy spending millions of ad dollars targeting average people who are bombarded by average advertisements. His point is, “be remarkable”, stand out from the rest and market to the “fringes”, the people who are obsessed with your product and willing to listen, the rest will follow

(Source: thebreland)

Kanye @ Coachella 2011

Incredible performance, sent chills down my spine - Love him or hate him, 20 years from now when we look back at music, we’ll look at him as one of the defining artists of our generation, he’s unmatched in his ability to be the “full package” as an artist. He’s one of the best live performers out there, writes/produces most of his own music, understands personal branding, is an influencer in fashion/trends/music and is one of the few artists that has likability with fans of different genres of music.

Does Size Matter?

This article is a good read on why starting at a small ad agency is better for your career. The argument is that smaller agencies breed better talent and long term success because 1) You wear different hats 2) Understand the business aspect better 3) Have more contact with mentors who put you on the right track to success

Some good points if your thinking about starting out at the BBDO’s and Ogilvy’s of the business